JavaScript Bootcamp – Build Real World Applications

JavaScript Bootcamp - Build Real World Applications

JavaScript Bootcamp, From basic to the sophisticated JavaScript stage. Project-a course based on JavaScript. Guide to JavaScript ES6. JSON & AJAX included

What you are going to know
  • Starting with JavaScript basics, you will go to an expert level
  • You will gain a profound knowledge of how JavaScript operates in the background
  • You can check your understanding with many coding problems and quizzes that are already waiting for you
  • Use the Document Object Model to know how to act on the internet page
  • You can comprehend the most sophisticated subjects like function builders, prototypes, first-class features, closures and much more.
  • You will have the opportunity to code and construct actual-world applications using JavaScript object-oriented and modular models
  • There is no need for coding knowledge!
  • You only need a laptop, web browser and editor of software
  • A basic HTML and CSS knowledge will be a plus, but it is not compulsory!

If you want to begin programming learning or have some fundamental understanding already, then you’re in the correct location. This course will give you the opportunity to bring your understanding to the next level. Starting from the very basics, you will achieve the highest level.

You will learn the very basics of this language of programming, such as how to write JavaScript, what sort of syntax it has. What kinds of JavaScript data types are used, functions, conditionals, items, loops, etc. You can create your very first fundamental JavaScript application at the end of the chapter—’ Digital Clock,’ write the coding assignment and then verify your understanding with a quiz.

You can learn how JavaScript effectively operates behind the scenes in this chapter. If you want to be a true developer of JavaScript, then you certainly need to really know how the code actually operates, how the JavaScript engine executes and executes the code. You will cover very important topics, such as global execution context and global object, what is execution stack, scope, and scope chain, hoisting, the special variable’ this’ and etc. You will check your understanding with a quiz at the end of the chapter.

You will learn how to manipulate a person and various components, how to alter the content of the web page, how to use JavaScript to style the components and more. You will create your next project in that chapter—’ Note Manager,’ which is going to be more complicated and exciting than the prior one. At the end of the section, you will have a chance to check your knowledge again using the quiz.

Using pure JavaScript, when you achieve this point, you can create the most sophisticated true world application. Using object-oriented JavaScript, you’ll learn how to write a true world app, you’ll be able to organize, structure and make your code safer using JavaScript patterns.

You will be able to familiarize yourself with the recent updates of JavaScript at the end of the course. You’ll learn about JavaScript, ES6 or ECMAScript2015’s next release. The subjects you are going to cover are: familiarize yourself with Array helpers, let / const block-level declarations of variable, arrow features, template strings, default parameters, spread operator, rest parameter, destructuring, classes and much more…

The final chapter of the course will assist you to prepare for your interview with JavaScript. You will find frequently asked JavaScript questions and the corresponding responses on them in this portion.

Who’s this course for?
  • A student wishing to learn JavaScript from scratch
  • The student who has some JavaScript understanding and intends to bring it to the sophisticated stage
  • who specializes in other programming languages and seeks to understand JavaScript deeply
  • Anyone who really wishes to know and master one of the world’s most strong programming languages

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