The Complete Android Oreo Tutorial – Make 30 Apps

The Complete Android Oreo Tutorial – Make 30 Apps


Android tutorial for beginners, Are you an aspiring developer for Android? Want to step into the growth of mobile apps and earn cash?

That’s your destination then. Android beginner tutorial

You will create android apps from scratch through step-by-step tutorials intended to allow a true noob to begin producing applications in a professional manner as well. Start by constructing fundamental applications and advancing to more complicated applications by inculcating more complicated characteristics in your app.

The apps you are going to create will show you how to publish those apps in the Google Playstore and reach billions of Android users around the world.

Android Studio

Android Studio is Google’s official IDE and is gaining popularity gradually. But at the same moment, you must be an eclipse enthusiast if you belong to the Android context. Yes, you’ll also learn the development of the Android App from Eclipse.

Both Android Studio and Eclipse tools are well displayed and explained how it can be used effectively.

Configure your own Virtual Android device – an emulator running on your Mac or Windows so you don’t need your own machine to run your Android apps.

Learn how to install 200 percent quicker emulator- Genymotion on your Mac or PC while saving your valuable time.

Learn how to configure your IDE to deploy and test Android APK files on your actual computer if you have your own Android device.

Debug your android apps into your virtual device and learn how to debug them into your true android device as well.

Building these projects will assist you to know the fundamentals of Android growth, and then in the coming weeks, adding more sophisticated applications to the free download Udemy classes will demonstrate you many of the latest methods and features integrated into the new Marshmallow SDK to make your applications really pop!

An all-new app that takes advantage of Lollipop’s amazing new material design that brings to your apps all the new and amazing visual, motion and interaction.

You will also learn how to take advantage in a small floating window of the all-new enhanced notification functionality built into Lollipop as well as heads-up, display content, and actions.

Configure your applications with graphics and design, and provide assistance to operate your app on multiple screens, i.e. Make both tablet-compatible applications and smartphones.

Learn Animation-Make your applications look polished

Explore the animation android in your application and its execution. Displaying incredible animation effects in your apps attract more and more users.

Brand new features of Oreo, Nougat, Marshmallow 6.0 and 5.0 Lollipop.

Learn about the new feature of Marshmallow / Lollipop such as Recycler View, which is Listview’s advance version.

Implement Grid View, Staggered Horizontal view and also Staggered Vertical view using Recycler View.

Implement all fresh transitions of Lollipop Animation in your perspective of Recycler.

Would you like to make your view of recycler more attractive? Yes, we’re going here. Learn the details of Android CardView.

Learn about Android Toolbar, the trendy Android 5.0 feature that replaces the old Action Bar.

Text to Speech Feature-Learn how to transform Text to Speech and talk and communicate with the user of the app.

Who this course is for:

  • This course targets both complete beginners and coding aspirants with brand fresh Android Lollipop features who want to join the universe of mobile apps and growth.
  • There is no need for coding experience
  • Web developers seeking mobile access
  • Anyone who has a good idea and the drive to make it
  • Ideal for beginners as a whole!

The Complete Android Oreo Tutorial – Make 30 Apps Download

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