React, Redux, & Enzyme – Introducing Apps & Tests

React, Redux, & Enzyme - Introducing Apps & Tests Download

React Testing, Build 3 React apps with full assessments. Get in-demand through adding Jest, Enzyme, ES6, React JS, and Redux to your skillset!

What you’ll examine
  • Add React, Redux, ES6, Jest, Enzyme, & more to their resume.
  • Build entire ReactJS and Redux applications from scratch.
  • Test their Redux packages with Jest, Enzyme, Sinon.
  • Develop apps that cope with APIs and web requests.
  • Understand a way to increase Redux apps with actions, reducers, and the store.
  • Apply broadly used software enterprise practices to check their packages.
  • Some fundamental coding enjoys will assist. Students who have visible JavaScript will be most comfortable.

Become an in-call for software engineer by means of taking this direction on React JS, Redux, and trying out. As arguably the maximum famous internet development framework today, getting to know to React in conjunction with Redux is a must. Knowing a way to create React and Redux programs will open doors and jobs for you.

In this project-based path, you’ll construct React and Redux programs from scratch and properly check these apps. You’ll discover a number of the most broadly used checking out practices in the industry today. And you’ll paintings with extremely good trying out libraries like Jest, Enzyme, and Sinon.

You will skyrocket to the top of the expertise pool because you may write exams. Coding the apps is the most effective half of the process. Knowing the way to write tests is the other crucial skill looked for via top software program groups like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and extra.

In this direction, you’ll build three packages, and take a look at every one of them.

First, you’ll get familiar with React with the aid of constructing software from the start. Right after, you’ll take a look at the application with famous libraries like Jest by way of Facebook and Enzyme with the aid of Airbnb.

Second, you’ll construct a more in-depth utility with Redux. Then you’ll learn how to check a Redux utility with extra advanced techniques.

Third, you’ll build an app with an API. After, you’ll find out greater sophisticated strategies for trying out packages.

This route will assist you to get to the next level in React, Redux, ES6, Testing, and extra. It’s superb if you’re an amateur because separate lectures will deeply explain each new ES6 & JavaScript idea as they appear.

So, are you equipped to step up your coding game? Excited to boost your skills? Then what you are ready for? Let’s get commenced coding!

Who this course is for:
  • Students who realize some primary JS, but hope to learn React and Redux to noticeably enhance their skills.
  • All degrees of coders. However this won’t introduce coding from the ground up, so whole novices might find it fast-paced.
  • ReactJS and Redux builders who want to test their applications.
  • Experienced builders and engineers will discover this course best for brushing up on ReactJS and Redux and internet development.

Created by David Joseph Katz
Last updated 1/2018
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