Program Microcontrollers With Drawings – Coding No More

Program Microcontrollers With Drawings – Coding No More

Program Microcontrollers With Drawings – Coding No More

Program Microcontrollers, Stop writing long codes that waste your time and skills and effort, Draw your code with Simple Forms


Welcome to Program Microcontrollers With Drawings Course.

You will no longer hate programming Microcontrollers.

You won’t have to write codes anymore, drag and drop simple shapes to make a fully functional block of drawings that function just like coding without having to write a single code.

As most of you know, writing a code is a complex process that required thorough understanding of C, assembly and other languages to give the ability to turn your idea into a project that is based on Microcontrollers, but what if I tell you that now you can program your microcontroller and make a fully functional project without writing a single line of code!!

That’s not all after drawing, this program will give you the ability to view your code in assembly and c language in addition to generating a hex file that is ready to be downloaded to your microcontroller.

You think this is cool but not yet interested!, well how about the fact that this software allows you to build a fully functional simulation environment that will show you how your microcontroller work in action with modules for hundreds and hundreds of libraries such as LCD, 7 Segment, Buttons, Keypad, and other advanced modules.

What you’ll learn
  • Program Any microcontroller without a single code writing
  • Draw rather than write codes
  • Create wonderful projects
  • Basic microcontroller knowledge
  • Basic electronics knowledge
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone interested in Microcontrollers
  • who has a problem with coding and using programming languages
  • Anyone looking for a new adventure in Programming Microcontrollers
  • Anyone looking to simulate systems before production easily
Program Microcontrollers With Drawings – Coding No More Download

Google Drive | [346 MB]


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