Master Classs Terraform for AWS (Beginner to Pro)

Master Classs Terraform for AWS (Beginner to Pro) Download

Master Classs Terraform for AWS (Beginner to Pro) Download

Learn everything about Terraform and Infrastructure as code with AWS (Hands on) and Take your career to next level.

What you’ll learn
  • By the end of the course, you will know how to manage an infrastructure as code and be very good at it.
  • Learn Terraform Best practices
  • Complete AWS Project to manage multiple environments (Staging/Production) using Terraform
  • Basic Knowledge of Cloud Computing and AWS, Windows/Linux/Mac
  • AWS Account (Preferred)
Why this course?

In the current Cloud Industry, Terraform is considered as one of the leaders for Infrastructure as a coding platform. With its flexibility and compatibility with many different cloud providers like (AWS, Azure, GoogleCloud, Digital Ocean and many others), Terraform makes it Very easy to manage the workloads that are provisioned in different cloud providers at one place.

Having the skills to write and maintain the infrastructure using Terraform gives an edge to a cloud practitioner’s profile.

In this course, I have covered a lot of ground on Terraform which will help all levels of students (Beginner to pro) to get a good understanding and practical implementation.

This course is structured in a Hands-On way and students who practice along with the lessons will get the most out of it.

Course Structure
Introduction Section:
  1. What is Terraform?
  2. What & Why Infrastructure as a code?
  3. Course Requirements
  4. Installing Terraform
  5. Setup AWS CLI
Terraform Basics:
  1. First Terraform File
  2. What are state file and its importance
  3. Different ways to give access to tf
  4. Terraform Variables and its uses
  5. Terraform input variables
  6. Terraform output variables
Basic AWS Components:
  1. Introduction
  2. Create an S3 bucket and upload files
  3. Launch the new EC2 instance
  4. Next steps
Advanced Terraform Concepts:
  1. Terraform Modules & Why we need them?
  2. First Terraform Module
  3. Providing Inputs to the Module
  4. Module Reuse with different Inputs
  5. Multiple Environments Problem
  6. Terraform Workspaces
  7. Environment Specific Local Variables
  8. Shared Vars for different Environments
  9. Conclusion
AWS Project:
  1. Project Introduction
  2. Project Setup & Security Groups
  3. Setup ALB and Target Groups
  4. Setup Launch Configurations
  5. Setup Autoscaling & Launching EC2 instances
  6. Provision Multiple Environments(staging/production)
Who this course is for:
  • Every cloud practitioner should take this course because Infrastructure as code is the way to go in the cloud
  • If you are looking to take your career to the next level
Master Classs Terraform for AWS (Beginner to Pro) Download

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