Facebook Ads for E-commerce : The Ultimate MasterClass

Facebook Ads for E-commerce : The Ultimate MasterClass

Facebook Ads for E-commerce : The Ultimate MasterClass

Facebook e-commerce ads, the ultimate Facebook e-commerce marketing master guide, learn the best tactics on Facebook ads to succeed

What you’ll learn
  • You master all facebook marketing strategies that you need to succeed in e-commerce by the end of this MasterClass
  • Basics and advanced Facebook marketing techniques for starting or boosting your eCommerce business
  • Learn everything about Facebook marketing, from the design of pictures and videos to the writing of excellent ad text to the mastering of retargeting and looks
  • An internet connection and a laptop or a PC!

I’m Rihab, a digital marketer, and an internet bestseller teacher with over 12,000 learners with an average 4.8 star rating on my course, I’ve helped hundreds of learners launch their shops, succeed online and quit their 9 to 5 jobs, and in this course I’ll help you master Facebook Advertising to generate and increase your company.

Although eCommerce is a great source of revenue, unfortunately, more than 90% of people trying to create a successful Shopify business simply fail and quit. The reason they fail is that they don’t use good and efficient marketing strategies.

Some people are trying to rely on google’s organic traffic, putting out some videos on youtube, some articles here and there, even trying google ads to promote their stores, and sitting waiting for traffic to come…. Well, this kind of strategy might work, but the problem is that it’s not scalable.

If you go this way, it implies that only when you go to google and search for your item will individuals find out about you… If you have tried Shopify E-commerce for a while, you surely know that Facebook advertising is the best way to boost your sales and to scale your business, because Facebook Advertising is easily scalable, once you found a winner you can put it in front of millions of potential customers in a couple of hours and generate hundreds and thousands of sales… Facebook advertising make you reach people all over the world and not only that it makes you reach exactly the people who might buy your product!

While this seems super promising and simple, during the first couple of days, most individuals who attempt facebook ads fail and leave. Most individuals are scared to invest, they are scared to lose cash on advertisements… So they choose a product and begin their facebook advertising with a $5 daily budget, attempt a text ad and a picture… They don’t see any results and they quickly give up thinking it’s a waste of money and they start nagging on social media that Facebook ads don’t work, and all that kind of crap… Well, I’m somewhat exaggerating, but I think you’ve understood what I mean.

I can make sure that e-commerce Shopify still works pretty well, but only for people who master facebook advertising. If you want to be successful in eCommerce, you need a complete mastery of facebook ads, you need to know exactly how to target the most profitable audiences, how to do efficient retargeting, how to design attractive photos and videos and how to scale very quickly, and that’s what I’m going to cover in this master class besides many other things….

There’s a very sophisticated Facebook ads instrument and Facebook has a lot of data about everyone…

Facebook understands your age, your sex, your favorite music, your favorite sports teams if you’ve got any, your hobbies, what food you like, what stuff you appreciate, and facebook knows even if you’re single or in a pair and much more. This will help you to target and sell your products to the right people a lot.

Using Facebook ads, you can target your prospective clients precisely, so if you believe your prospective clients are single people between the ages of 27 and 38 residing in Alabama who owns a dog and who are also fans of Lionel Messi… You can tailor your advertisements to target them precisely! And not only can you ask the smart Facebook algorithm to search for people very similar to those who bought from you and try to sell them another product from your Facebook advertising store offering you the tenth and tenth of amazing additional options you can use to maximize your profit. The basic methods used to work in 2015 and 2016 are dead, you can never make money by simply advertising and gi

I can assure you that the approaches you will learn in this course are much better and more effective than the 2500 $(2500) guru course you will find on the internet. Some of the things you’ll learn through this master class are as follows:

How and what you need to do to generate effective advertisements on Facebook.

How to produce amazing FREE pictures for your products and prevent the terrible Ali-express pictures that everyone else utilizes.

How to create a video converter that captures your prospects ‘ eyes and hits the buy button and pulls out your credit cards.

How to produce an appealing video thumbnail.-How to improve your copywriting and write better text advertisements that will attract Facebook users and make them read your ad closely.

The things you need to be conscious of in order not to be banned from Facebook-What is a Facebook pixel and why it is essential and how to install it on your company?

How to choose your target audience well, and this will save you a lot of money because you won’t pay facebook money to show people who aren’t interested in showing your ad.

How to effectively retarget different layers of campaigns and not just basic retargeting.

Creating an ad with thousands of likes, comments, and shares.

How to read data and which metrics to focus on.

How to understand the winner of a product, when to kill an ad and when to scale it.

How to scale your campaigns vertically and horizontally well-How to use the audience effectively.

Facebook e-commerce ads, this master class is the most comprehensive course on this topic, if you master the strategies I’ll teach you here, you’ll certainly increase your e-commerce income and profit. And you’ll finally be able to start building successful campaigns that sell tonight.

This course has taken literally more than 400 hours of dedicated work: you won’t discover in this course what you generally find in traditional lessons where you generally see a man in his space filming his screen and speaking with a lot of UGHHGH AHHHH MMMM for hours repeating 10 times the same.

This course has been designed and constructed to save your time and assist you as much as possible. All scripts with real-time examples were prepared in advance…

It’s an enormous waste every minute you loose by hesitating to take this master class or not! Your excuses for failing facebook ads are no longer applicable from the time you landed here because all you need to understand to succeed is just one click away from you!

Master Facebook ads in this course now, and begin taking your company to the next level … See you in just a few minutes

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone wishing to begin or increase their own eCommerce Shop using Facebook Marketing
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